Best Fiverr Amazon Affiliate Article Writer 2022

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Best Fiverr Amazon Affiliate Article Writer 2022

Best Fiverr Amazon Affiliate Article Writer 2022. Affiliate Marketing has become one of the most popular sources of passive income on the internet. Affiliate marketing is a no-brainer to implement for bloggers and content-creating websites. However, this may take a lot of effort and consume a lot of time to do effectively.

This is where the affiliate marketers or affiliate marketing writers come in from Fiverr. The primary target of these contents containing affiliated links like that of Amazon affiliate link is to rank high on google search indexes. This would allow more consumers to read the content of the site and visit Amazon or other e-commerce websites with the link. When a person would buy something using that link, then a small percentage of the product revenue would be received by the one who wrote the article.

Often to avail of this affiliate marketing, the publisher of the content needs to apply and get approved by the merchant’s affiliate marketing program (like Amazon Associate).

 How Does the Affiliate Marketing Process Functions

  • The merchant, like Amazon, generates an affiliate link for a particular product.
  • The affiliate or the publisher (usually the blog owner) includes the product link in their articles. These articles can be a “best product” list, product guide, or even product review.
  • The buyer (i.e. also the reader of the article) whilst reading will click on this link if they are interested in this product. The link will take the buyer to the product page of the merchant’s website.
  • If the buyer buys the product, the sale gets tagged to the affiliate link and thereby the affiliate or the publisher itself. Then they receive a designated percentage of the product’s value as commission.
  • Once a certain number of sales is registered, with the amount accumulating to a certain number, the affiliate can then withdraw the amount.

Best Affiliate Marketing Success Tips

1. Cookie Disclaimer

Affiliate marketing and links use cookies to tag the sale of the product to a specific affiliate (or publisher). The cookie also makes sure that banner ads based on affiliate ads are recommendations based on the visitors’ browsing history.

Certain affiliate programs functionally require a cookie disclaimer before approving the publisher’s website for the program.

2. Selecting the Perfect Niche

Your website contents should be catering to one certain niche or correlating niche, ideally. This will allow the website to have better SEO( Search Engine Optimization), instead of losing SEO due to the website covering generic keywords instead of specialized keywords. This also affects the Google search result rankings of the content page. SEO has a simple effect on the success of the affiliate. If the site or a particular webpage does not rank higher than less or very few articles containing the affiliate link would be clicked on (accessed) by the visitors.

Hence, Niche is very important for affiliate marketing.

3. Creating Quality Affiliate Content

The content needs to maintain a certain quality and not just primarily focus on stuffing keywords and affiliate links. The content would be penalized by Google’s crawling bots if they find that the site has forced keywords in high frequency. This would result in the loss of rank in Google’s indexing results.

Higher quality of content means that the information is useful to the readers. So, in that case, they will be more likely to click on the links to buy the product.

4. Create a Dedicated Recommendation Page

This will work for any type of blog. This page would contain the gears you use for creating the content of this site, or the products that you recommend.

For instance, a technology blog could have “Smartphones We Recommend,” while a cooking and culinary blog could have “Knife sets We Recommend.”

This can also be a centralized page for all affiliate links on your site.

5. Include Multiple Affiliated Products Instead of Featuring one Product

Including multiple products as a list or referring to them in comparison, could benefit the reader/viewer as well as the publisher. The potential buyer would get extra information that could help their purchase decision while the publisher will have multiple potential links that the visitor could access.

Multiple links would mitigate the visitor not liking the product.

For instance, the visitor on your blog may not like iPhone 12 Mini but may like the Samsung S21.

It is important to remember that certain types of products carry a certain percentage of affiliate commission. For instance, in the case of Amazon’s Affiliate program in India, Kitchen and Household items carry a 9% commission, while smartphones carry a mere 1% commission.

Now, not all bloggers have the expertise nor the time to implement these tips and tricks for their Amazon affiliate marketing articles. Hence, Fiverr, the online freelancing platform has several freelancers offering their services to write SEO-friendly Amazon Affiliate articles for your blog.

Here are the top 7 Profiles for Amazon Affiliate Article in Fiverr

Best Fiverr Amazon Affiliate Article Writer 2022


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