Best Woodworking Plans Reviews 2022

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Are you Looking for Reviews of the Best Woodworking Plans in 2022?

Best Woodworking Plans Reviews 2022. If you said yes, your search ends here. We have reviewed the best woodworking plans available on the internet in 2022. We have checked various aspects of these plans, and we bring you the best resources that received the highest user ratings and positive feedback.

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Best Woodworking Courses for Beginners 2022

Woodworking is one of those fields that require years to master. Most of the professional woodworkers that have been in the business for 30+ years still call themselves lifelong learners. It takes years and years of hard work and dedication to learn the skill of woodworking. But every journey starts with one step, so we are here to make sure that your one step is in the right direction. There are various online courses on woodworking that are straight out scamming beginners, or those who don’t have the knowledge and understanding of woodworking.

1. Craftsy Beginner Woodworking Courses

Craftsy is a one-stop shop for all courses on the creative niche. They offer free and premium plans for their users. Their woodworking courses are best in class. To get an understanding of how things work, you can enroll in free woodworking plans provided by them. As of right now, they have 3 free woodworking plans available on their website which cover topics like sawing, cabinetry tricks, and cutting edges. Furthermore, they have 20+ premium woodworking plans with expert guidance.

Craftsy offers memberships that allow the users to freely navigate all the courses available on their platform. Another option is users can purchase one course at a time. Their premium courses range from 29.99 $ to 39.99 $, which can be considered affordable even for beginners. They use experienced professionals to create their courses, which helps to get the insights of the woodworking along with the engaging content. Therefore we can say that the value for money is worth it.

To learn more about Craftsy, you can visit: here

2. Popular Woodworking for Beginners Classes

Popular woodworking, as the name goes, is a popular and reliable website where you can get the “best woodworking plans”. They have plenty of resourceful articles that any woodworker will appreciate.  

Their website is the best resource when it comes to woodworking. They have a plethora of experts that create high-quality content that is free to access for everyone. Along with that, they also offer various woodworking plans for free. Their free woodworking plans cover doors, workbench, tool handles, tool cabinets, and many more. Adding to that, they also have premium woodworking plans that can be bought at an affordable price. You can visit their website and find the woodworking plan that interests you the most. For a beginner, it can be a good place to select your first project. The plus side is, there is no upfront fee for accessing their free content, if you find their free woodworking plans useful, you can invest in their premium plans based on your judgment. 

To know more, you can visit their website: here

3. Wood Smith Plans Woodworking Beginner Classes

Wood smith plans is another great website that provides free and paid woodworking plans for its users. Their free plans cover sandpaper sharpening, jigs, joints, keys, picture frames, and many more. While their premium plans start from 9$. They have detailed plans on the nightstand, wine rack, dining table, pet bed, shop stool, etc. You will surely find something of your interest on their website.

Their premium content is tailored by industry experts and covers the topic from start to finish in an easy-to-understand fashion.  Adding to this, their website is easy to navigate and every woodworker will find this website useful. They provide a wide variety of plans for their users, so you will browse through the plans until you find something useful for you. Their premium content includes many video plans as well.

Along with the woodworking plans, they also have a repository of free-to-access content.  Moreover, their blogs also provide in-depth information on heavy machinery.  Their plans are available in both metric and imperial units. Therefore users from the USA will find this feature quite convenient. Furthermore, they have a positive customer feedback on various online forums.

To learn more about them, please visit: here

4. The Tool Scout Beginner Woodworking Courses

When we talk about woodworking, “The Tool Scout” deserves a mention. Tool scout is a renowned and trustworthy place to get your woodworking information. It has various free-to-access “how-to guides” on the website. It doesn’t only have woodworking plans but also detailed guides on how to use various woodworking power tools. The site covers content that beginners and intermediate woodworkers will find useful.

The site can be a go-to for beginners that want to get more information about certain aspects of woodworking. Moreover, they also post reviews on new releases of power tools. The reviews provided by them are unbiased and highly detail-oriented. In short, people that are looking for a place to find the content related to woodworking will find this website quite useful.

To learn more about them, please visit: here


Best Woodworking Plans Reviews 2022. Woodworking plans are ideal for beginners and intermediate woodworkers. As well as it is helpful for those who see it as a hobby. The experts with multiple years of experience tend to create their woodworking plans according to the need of the project. In this article, we have listed various woodworking plans that will help you make your decision. All of the platforms that we discussed are well known and will meet your expectation. Moreover, we have done our best to review the plans without having any bias, and judging products solely based on their quality. The plans that we have mentioned in this article will provide you the value for your money.

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