Essential Woodworking Tools For Beginners 2021

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Essential Woodworking Tools For Beginners 2021

Essential Woodworking Tools For Beginners 2021. An activity or capability of converting wood into beautiful items or wooden cabinets, carpentry, joinery, carving, etc., is called woodworking. Woodworking is a hobby or a profession for someone. It is not an expensive task. To start with your journey, you need to have the right set of woodworking tools for beginners. The essential tools will increase your efficiency and save a lot of time and effort. Many woodworkers craft beautiful and long-lasting pieces from the wood. No matter how expert you are, it would be best to have the basic essential woodworking tools. In brief, the must-have woodworking tools for beginners are the following:

  1. Marking gauge
  2. Combination square
  3. Clamps
  4. Hand saw
  5. Smoothing plane
  6. Chisel set
  7. Sharpening stones
  8. Circular saw
  9. Router
  10. Power drill
  11. Random orbital sander
  12. Hand Files
  13. Mallet & hammer
  14. Screw Gun
  15. Tape Measure
  16. Sawhorses
  17. Workbench

Basic Woodworking Tools For Beginners 2021:

These tools are not costly because these are simple items that help to start with the basics. These tools are helpful to cut, finish, gather, measure and hold to complete a project. Sometimes, the woodworkers get confused to see the enormous varieties of tools in the market. Let us explore each of the tools for more information:


It is one of the essential tools for beginners. It is used for primary as well as for advanced joinery work. It is helpful to mortise joints, dovetails, rabbets, thickness and so on. They are cheaper and easy to use. The quality gauge is best because it is beneficial for both a mortise gauge and a standard marking gauge.
basic woodworking tools for beginners 2021COMBINATION SQUARE – It is a versatile and simple tool that is also essential for woodworkers. It helps you to point and cut the most used angle called 45 and 90- degree angles. 45- and 90- degree angles are significant for cutting board to length and groove joints. It is cheaper, but you should keep in mind to check the quality of the product before using it. A slight error in angle will land on to chaos.


It is the first woodworking tool for woodworkers. As a beginner, you need almost a set of 25 clamps. It is like a third hand for you to set up your work or act as a supporter. Your primary tool is a pipe clamp which is available in sets of fixtures. These are attached to the galvanized pipe to adjust the length from longer to shorter. Pipe clamps are a little bit heavy and oversized. So, people mainly refer to bar clamps.


A hand saw is an ancient tool. It is elementary, cheap and easy to use, and cuts precisely and does quick work. It is not overweight and does not require any batteries. It is portable. It is a must-have tool for all woodworkers. It is a toothed steel blade that has a wooden handle for cutting the wood. It can do rips and crosscuts, cut interior holes, do dovetail joint work and mitre cuts. Kataba is excellent for beginners as it can do rip, cross and diagonal cuts.


A single quality smoothing plane is one of the essential products for woodworkers. It is better than a power jointer or planer. It reduces effort. It shaves off the wood and makes it smoother by creating a shape. The amount of time consumed depends upon the size of the blade and depth. You will know that there are several kinds of smoothing planes.


Now its time to pick up some excellent tool- chisels. You can find many junk chisels in the market, which can make your job a complete nightmare. If you know how to use and enhance them, it would not be a great deal. It helps to join, shape, pair, carve, etc. bevel edge chisels are cheap and versatile. The beginners must have a 6-piece set from Narex.


You need something to keep chisels and planes sharp. And it would not be wrong to keep sharpening stones in the list. One day the sharpening tools will lose their edges. In that case, you need sharpening stones to sharpen them. Water stones help to point with the help of water, but they develop a concave in the center. So, it would help if you had a diamond plate to flatten them. These are a little bit expensive but last for many years.


It has a circular blade composed of sharp teeth to tear through woods. These are electric tools available in all the beginners boxes. It cuts the straight line. There are three circular saw blades: ripping blades, crosscut blades, combination blades used for cutting lengthwise, sawing across the grain, and ripping and crosscutting. Worm drive circular saws help to carry out bulky work.


It can be a quick go-to tool for many woodworkers. It is one of the beneficial tools for woodworking. A router is better than rabbet planes, dado blades and cutting circles as a router can perform more with the help of jigs. Makita RT0701C is the best choice.


It is a standard tool found in all the boxes of the woodworkers. Electric powered drills have many uses. Corded drills are cheaper and powerful, but cordless drills are versatile. Beginners choose 18-V cordless drills. The name itself shows that power drills help to drill holes on the wood.


Sanding is a boring part of woodworking. This tool helps to do sanding quickly. It makes all steps of building speeder and enjoyable. An orbital sander is different from inline tools. It is slightly expensive but worth it. It has a handle to work comfortably for a long time. It provides a finished product without any patterns as other types do. Some even have a dust collecting system.


A hand file helps to shape and smooth wood. The steel one is cheap and long-lasting. The hand file has rough teeth and edges to remove a large portion of the wood. The half-round file has a flat and curved surface on both sides. It allows working on straight and curved surfaces. Hand file also helps to sharp other woodworking tools like blades and bits.


Mallet is a fantastic tool. Mallet differs from hammer because mallet has wooden or leather heads and removable handles to fix various head shapes. Mallet is soft and absorbs shock. You will also be joyous to know that mallet leaves fewer striking marks. Every beginner should know that tapping chisels with a mallet work together smoothly through the wood.

Hammers work to pound and pry. It is also a unique tool, and it is usually a steel-faced tool. Some hammers have a smooth head, while others have a claw design and a straighter edge to divide the material. Beginners like to use wooden handles because they offer less shock. But framers like to use steel handles because they are long-lasting. So, it depends on you what you want!


A screw gun helps to drive screws. It looks like a power drill, but its function is different. A screw gun works the best when you are working with multiple screws. They hold tight or can be removed or fasten when an error occurs. It has a nose that contains a changeable 0.25 inches shank bit or tip. A power screw gun is easy to drive screws. Nowadays, screw guns are available cordless for more convenience.


  • Every beginner should have a tape measure in their pocket. There are many tape measures, but you can have the basic or widely used one. Let`s discuss them here:
  • The retractable steel tape is the most used measuring tool. It is approximately 12- 30 feet in length.
  • Fabric or steel flexible reel tape is over 100 feet in length.
  • The folding rule helps to measure accurately. It has multiple segments.
  • Yardstick and Straight Edge is helpful for fast takeoffs and drawing linear lines.


You must have got cleared about the tools that are necessary for woodworkers. As a beginner, you have learned about the tools for cutting, finishing, assembling and measuring wood. Now, the sawhorse is the best holding tool. It is a four-legged tool that balance as well as support heavyweights. Many woodworkers love sawhorses. So, they keep dozens of sawhorses around them. You will find sawhorses made from various materials like steel, fibreglass, plastic. If you want, you can also make sawhorses out of wood as it is very economical.


As a beginner, it is best to invest in a quality workbench. It is also a clamping device. It is beneficial for all projects anytime and anywhere. It has an adjustable base to level correctly. It is free-standing and has a vast working surface. It also has drawers to store tools.

Hence, these are the basic essential tools for beginners to start their woodworking jobs. It is always better for a beginner to invest in a good quality tool. Hopefully, you have found it helpful!


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